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How to Manage your Social Media

managing your social media

How to manage your Social Media

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology, more than technology” – Brian Solis

“The difference is that by listening, reading, and participating, corporate marketing will be smarter and more approachable than ever before. This is how we humanize brands, create loyalty, and earn customer’s business.”

Social Media can be so time-consuming and rather daunting especially for a small business short on time and cash here are a few thoughts on how you can manage your social media.


There’s no getting away from it you need a plan, how else will you know what you are looking to achieve with your precious time and what works and what doesn’t.

Posting randomly won’t get you very far. By using SMART goals, you can identify, measure and set a time frame which will help you understand what it is you need to do and select what platforms to use.


After your strategy, the most important element of social media is your content. You want a good steady flow of useful information and up to date announcements that are relevant to your audience and is good enough to make your connections/followers want to comment and reshare it.

There is so much good quality content out there, just make sure if you use someone else’s work you cite the source and give credit where credit is due.

Finding Content

Depending on your industry it can be challenging to find good quality content, one of my go-to resources is Feedly, an RS feed website that helps you gather blogs all in one place and then you can retweet or share to your heart’s content.

Getting visibility

It’s not easy with all the changes in algorithms that affect the organic reach of a post. You will need to test out how many times you should post and repost an item to get the best reach for your industry.

Be you

Just posting is not enough, engagement is key, like, respond, comment and share it is so important especially if you are a small business it all comes down to know like and trust.

Scheduling tools

There is a myriad of scheduling tools out there to choose from some have both a free and subscription versions these are a few I use Contentcal, Hootsuite and Buffer, plus natively posting on the different platforms too. You can check out this article from eClincher on social media management tools.

If this sounds overwhelming just focus on one social media platform to start until you are comfortable with your social media plan or alternatively give me a call and see how I can help you with social media support services.

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